Friday, 28 August 2015

Bridge, Harold and Life Education Trust

Term 3, Week 6, 2015

This has been an exciting week at school. I finished my testing and so many children in Room 7 have  made very pleasing progress and are becoming terrific readers and confident spellers.

On Wednesday Maia ran at the Interschool Cross Country in Ohaeawai.  She came a very creditable 19th place. I know we were so proud of her and when she came back to school on Thursday she told us the highlight was the "running".

On Friday we went to visit Harold and Bridget in the Life Education Caravan. We learnt about how we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.  We dance and ran around the caravan to see how fast our heart would pump after we had exercised. 

Jade and Leecaeshian asked many wondering and curious questions. We also learnt that Sunshine, exercise, oxygen and good food were needed every day.

We are all excited to go back and see Harold and Bridget on Monday. Please ask your child what they have learnt in the Caravan.

Have a great weekend and keep up the awesome support as you hear your child read and learn their spelling words.

Mrs Birchall and Room 7.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Cross Country Excitement

Term 3, Week 5 2015

Yay, we had Cross Country on Thursday and the weather was pretty good apart from a shower at 10.30 but it didn't last for long and it wasn't too heavy.

All of Room 7 ran their absolute best and I saw many beautiful smiles as they past me at  the school gate. We finished by lunch time and they seemed pleased to have a rest for their tired  aching legs.

Maia came 2nd in the 6 year old girls so she is off to Ohaeawai school on Wednesday for the Interschool Cross Country Champs. We wish her all the best and encourage her to reach her potential and run her little heart out for herself and us.

I have been doing assessment this week and have been very pleased with the children's results. These will be my platform results for their reports I am writing at the moment.

Please continue with their spelling  each week as a lot of children are getting nearly 100% which is fantastic. Well done to Tuatara that came first in the house points. Tuna my house came second!!!!

We have Life Education caravan coming to our school from next Friday. Room 7 are starting on Friday so that should be exciting. We are learning about  " AIR TO LIVE"

On Monday we are having a Duffy role model assembly at 1.30, we would love to see you there. 

Have a great weekend

Mrs Birchall and Room 7.

Friday, 14 August 2015

ICT Savvy Tamariki

Term 3 Week 4

I can't wait for Cross country to happen on Thursday. We start at 10.50 and should finish by lunchtime. There are sausage sizzles, drinks and ice blocks for sale. It would be  fantastic to see as much whanau as possible to cheer and support your tamariki to do the best they can on the day.

We only had 10 children at school on Friday, the weather was pretty col, wet and chilly. It was a sad day as Miss Smith the room 4 teacher was leaving. We had a beautiful and moving ceremony for her at 2pm. It was like magic the rain stopped and the gods were smiling at us!!!!

Room 7 made Miss Smith a stunning farewell card.

Miss Smith's amazing card in pink of course

Another version of the card

Jade's train

Our Successful Room 7 spellers

This is Skylah's stop motion video she made all by her self.

I hope you all have a safe weekend. I look forward to catching up with you after our Cross Country results.

Mrs Birchall and Room 7

Friday, 7 August 2015

Beautiful and Talented Tamariki

Term 3, Week 3

Kia Ora whanau
I can't believe we have been at school for three weeks already, where is the term going. Cross country training is coming along well. It is only two weeks to go until the big day for us !!!  Let's hope for fine weather and no RAIN!!

On Thursday this week we had 21  out of 22 children in class so I took an updated class photo.

We have all grown so much since the beginning of the year.

Next week is Maths week from 10-14 August. Let's see if we can master some new maths skills and knowledge.

We are having a fun introduction of T ball on Tuesday. Thankyou Delwyn for sharing some new skills with us!!!

We had another awesome week with success in our spelling tests. 10 out of 17 children got 100% again. I am so proud of you all. Promise and Skylah only got one word incorrect, well done girls you were so close. Keep up the great spelling results.

I have introduced a new game to room 7 called Beep and they all love it. At the moment we are focusing counting in 5's to 50.

Next week also we are having the public health nurse coming in to educate the Tamariki about the importance of blowing our noses properly. 

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Birchall and Room 7.